Jelena and Bojan

Hi guys! Our names are Jelena and Bojan and our sons name is Relja. We are 32 y/o freelancers (at the time of creating this blog) and our baby is 1 1/2 months old. We live in Belgrade and both work for, we are passionate scuba divers, vagabonds, amateur photographers and now – bloggers!

Our life is all about travelling around the world

We visited over 50 different countries so far including Thailand, Japan, Philippines, USA, Dominican republic, Lebanon, Jordan, most of Europe etc. Our Asian trips each last more a month and our job allows us to work abroad. We are now newbie mom and dad and would like to continue traveling with our third party member! Our primary topic on this blog would be traveling with a baby. Our travels are “on the budget”, it doesn’t mean we sleep on the beach (which we did couple of times) and don’t spend money on anything. It just means our accomodations are modest and we hunt for cheap tickets, we book lowcost flights and sometimes book tickets up to six months in advance.

Traveling and diving

Bojan is a PADI scuba diving instructor and we met diving six years ago, since then we are inseparable dive buddies. We have dived with hammerhead sharks, gigantic turtles, whale sharks, white tip reef sharks and many other glorious creatures from the depths 🙂